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Lijjat Punjabi Masala

Lijjat Punjabi Masala 200gm World renowned brand of pappadums in a spicy flavor Quick and easy to prepare appetizer or snack! Serve with chutney, or as an accompaniment to your main dish. 100 % Learn More

Lijjat Jeera Pappad

Lijjat Jeera (Cumin) Papad 200gm Served in almost every Indian restaurant Can be Roasted, fried, or microwaved Learn More

Tamicon Tamarind Conc 16oz

Tamarind concentrate is a must use paste for choley, Sambhar, Rasam etc. Learn More

Pachranga Mix Pickle 800gm

INGREDIENTS Mango slices, Lemon, Green chillies, Lotus stem, dehla, Ginger, Karonda, Turnip, carot, Common salt, Edible oil, Fenugreek, Fennel, Coriander, Turmeric, Red chillies, Cumin, Nigellia, Learn More

Maggi Hot & Sweet 500gm

The lip-smacking tastes and vibrant packaging ensures MAGGI Sauces stays true to its slogan – It's different! Learn More


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