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Laxmi Ragi Flour 400gm

Millet or Ragi as commonly known is regularly used in the South kitchens. It's in fact the staple diet in many villages across South India. Learn More

Laxmi Rice Flour 4lb

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Rice flour (also rice powder) is a form of flour made from finely milled rice. Rice flour is used for making, dosa, golibaje (Mangalore bajji), mantou, and roti. Learn More

Laxmi Besan 4lb

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Laxmi Besan 4lb Learn More

Laxmi Idli Rava 4lb

Laxmi Idli Rava 4lb Idli Rava is a South Indian food Idli Rava is a mixture of Parboiled Rice, Semolina or Wheat. Learn More

Lx. Cracked Wheat 2lb

Cracked wheat is obtained by crushing whole-wheat kernals into small uneven pieces. It is highly nutritious, and has a chewy, nutty taste. It can be cooked like rice with spices and vegetables, eaten Learn More


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